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Sponsored Vehicles will be showcased on our social media pages as well as our website. You would get the opportunity to get your car designed into one of our new products! We are looking for show cars, influencers, content creators, and die hard fans of Parked Pretty.
Don't have a huge following? No worries. We want to find people that love this brand as much as we do!

How Our Sponsorship Program Works
1. Fill out the Sponsorship Form.
2. Once accepted into the program, we will contact you via email or Instagram DM for your desired discount code name.
3. Share your code!
4. Once your code has been used at least ONCE, we will send you a FREE Parked Pretty banner.
5. Create content with our products and tag us to be featured on our page.
6. Redeem more Parked Pretty merch!

We will be accepting sponsorships as we grow so if you don't get an immediate response, please know that we have received your submission and will get back to you! 
Thank you for your continued love and support,
Parked Pretty
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